Every jewelry item that you purchase from me was created on my bead board, with my own two hands.  I am not part of a studio and create each piece either at my home, or while at a show.  When wearing my pieces, please try not to get them snagged or over-stretched.  If you wear my jeweler  (like I do) in any weather, you can clean the jewelry by wiping the beads with a damp cloth.  A splash while doing dishes or washing your hands is fine but please do not submerge my pieces in water - shower, pools and the ocean are no-nos and can compromise the thread. 

I take great care when creating these pieces to make them durable and last for many years to come.  Occasionally, something will happen with normal wear and a repair is needed.  If that's the case, please either call or email me and I will be happy to repair my jewelry free of charge, refunding your shipping costs.


If you are purchasing this item as a gift, I am happy to work with the recipient on an exchange or modification (lengthening, shortening, change of color) to fit their needs.  If a gift is to be returned for a refund (30 days from the date of giving), I can only refund the original purchaser.

I have a 30 day return policy for all other returns.  If you get my jewelry home and decide it's not the right color, shape, length, etc. and you would like to return it in its original condition, please call or email and I will provide the address.  Once received, I will refund the purchase price in the same manner as the purchase was made (credit, check).  Return shipping is the customer's responsibility.